So Far

I have had very limited contact with many different cultures growing up. Most of my years have been spent with in Utah and i have only been out of the united states twice. So my eye have been opened to some things i have never thought about before. I had always considered my self rather layed back when it came to have biases. meaning i thought i did not change my behavior or thoughts when introduced to some one of a different culture. But as i have been reading and watching i do notice some of my biases. I was unconscious incompetent in may way. Now i tend to me more aware of other peoples cultures and can read into if i may be offending them. So i guess at this point i would be consciously incompetent. Although after sensing my wrong i can then ask what the problem is and be corrected. I think it can take years to become even consciously competent of a different culture. To become completely unconsciously competent would seem almost impossible.

i found the video of Adonica Limon to very inspiring. She over came many biases based on here ethnic background and he family situation. She defied the odds put against her and came out way ahead of what most would have thought. I was inspired  how she (herself) had to pull her self out of were she had been place and almost with no pushing from others. People were willing to help if she asked, but most of what she accomplished was due to her drive to provide for he children. This gives me faith that almost anyone can create a drive in them self’s, can over come the biases that pull them down. It is awesome that she was and is so driven to help other. This even as she was just started on her path out of her problems. To go from living on the streets to a doctor that is working on a solving major health problems around the world, that crazy. 


English only laws?

I know that many other countries around the world are bilingual. Canada our next door neighbor is a good example. Both english and french are recognized as national languages. Canada has made it possible for provinces to choose a language as their staple. But as a whole the federal government of canada set bilingual as the norm. This means that all government singes, paperwork, and other business related governing needs to be bilingual. From my short bit or research this seems to have worked for canada. This may be due to the flexibility given to provinces. My opinion on the subject is, yes we should be bilingual. The united states is built of immigrants from other countries with different  languages. Allthow we could not obviously accept every language as a national language, we could allow a few. As this point in the united states we have had large amounts of south american emigrants (spanish speakers). I could see spanish being accepted as the second national language. A county should be flexible and able to make changes that better accommodate the majority of its peoples language. So as the united states demographics changes so should it supported languages. But as stated above Flexibility should be given to states to chose what language they should fully support. This setup i see as being acceptable. 

I Have not participated in any service learning as of yet. But i have heard of some opportunities that other student have be given. I am currently have no real idea of any direction i want to take my service learning. I guess i need to ask around some more. I do look forward to participating in any activity. I will find out this week what options i have and choose one.

Babakieuria video

Well first of i liked the Babakieuria video and thought it was very informative (in a interesting different way). I think it helps shed some understanding to non minorities how have very little understanding of what its really like to be a minority. The start of the video, were the “Blacks” find the barbecuing “Whites” and ask what they call this place, the “Whites” replay with “barbecue area”. The “Blacks”  state “I like it” and then place their flag and claim it. This simple first part of the film has a deeper meaning then just something funny. Later in the film a “White” family is asked what they have planned for the founding holiday. The reply “oh i did not know about that” tells about the difference in views of the two cultures. The “Whites” had been their long before the “blacks” and their founding day would obviously not be the same as the “Blacks”. So the Whites” do not hold the founding day with any importance. Its interesting that the interviewer states the day is to celebrate how they (both “Blacks” and “Whites” cultures) have grown so much. Yet as you clearly see throw out the video, the”Blacks” are really only celebrating what they have done. Interesting to see the far different culture views explained here.

One of the most interesting facts i got from the book chapter 3 was conscious incompetence. I believe most of use reach this point very quickly when we enter a new culture. Most of use can pick up on non verbal contamination. This basic form of communication is cross cultural. If you were invited to eat at a friend home, in lets say Tonga. But you did not eat very much food. they may see this as a insinuate to there cooking. You may not even notice your wrong doing until you see how people are looking at you. At this point you will start to pick up that you may have done something wrong. Although you will not know what that is unless you ask or someone tells you. Non the less you know due to non verbal communication of a wrong. This is Conscious incompetence.


Hello, My name is Jake Lund. I have lived in Provo, Goshen and then Ephraim. I spent most my growing up years in Ephraim working on our family Farm. I am currently finishing a bachelors in Tech Management. I have an associate of applied science in diesel technology. I work as a mechanic at Viking Truck Service and Repair in Pleasant Grove. I love anything with an engine and a few wheels or tracks. I enjoy power sports and spend a lot of time exploring the back county routs. When i get free time i try to spend it in the outdoors, camping or exploring some part of the county i have never seen. One interesting fact about me.  I have traveled 1200 miles of north Americas water ways. 

When i was young i spent many evenings watching Nova and Nature on PBS with my dad.  I always loved seeing the far flung parts of the world inhabited by far different cultures then my own. I have always wanted to travel and feel those cultures. So class interested me and it was an elective for my major. As we have been talking in class i have learned that i do not need to travel far to be in a different culture. I look forward to some of the service we get to provide and hope to learn a lot.