Hello, My name is Jake Lund. I have lived in Provo, Goshen and then Ephraim. I spent most my growing up years in Ephraim working on our family Farm. I am currently finishing a bachelors in Tech Management. I have an associate of applied science in diesel technology. I work as a mechanic at Viking Truck Service and Repair in Pleasant Grove. I love anything with an engine and a few wheels or tracks. I enjoy power sports and spend a lot of time exploring the back county routs. When i get free time i try to spend it in the outdoors, camping or exploring some part of the county i have never seen. One interesting fact about me.  I have traveled 1200 miles of north Americas water ways. 

When i was young i spent many evenings watching Nova and Nature on PBS with my dad.  I always loved seeing the far flung parts of the world inhabited by far different cultures then my own. I have always wanted to travel and feel those cultures. So class interested me and it was an elective for my major. As we have been talking in class i have learned that i do not need to travel far to be in a different culture. I look forward to some of the service we get to provide and hope to learn a lot. 

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