Post 9

YouTube seems be ab area of media that can be more raw and unfiltered then other media outlets. For example almost anyone can upload a video onto YouTube. I was just watching one the other day that my friend told me about. this video had gone “viral” and a lot of people had seen it. There was even a word the video used that was now being used as slang. The person how made the video was famous almost over night. It was interesting how a simple kid in his basement could create a word that would be used by millions almost overnight. This word was then accepted  and used by our culture. So by using social media a kid created a word to be used by his culture.

Our speaker was very interesting to here from this week. It is crazy that two men from Utah would decide to  head to africa to mine gold. In just a few mouths he went from living in suburban Utah with a restate job to working with tribal chefs in Africa to mine gold. A complete culture change and life change to the max. From  paved cubed and guttered streets to mud huts and non English speaking natives. 

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