Events, Movies and Food

I was thinking of a different food that i had never eaten. Being that i grew up on mashed potatoes and beef this was not hard to fined. I settled with a fast food style Greek food. , Greek n Go. I ordered a  lamb gyro and some “Greek Fries”. It all smelled very good but i tried the Greek Fried first. they were just a simple fry with Parmesan cheese. they tasted great. Then i tried the gyro. This i found to be not so good tasting.  The cream sauce used seemed to be over powering. It seems that some flavor preferences are gained throw slow integration. 

I also talked to my friend from India and asked him were i could get some good Indian food. He told me Bombay House was very good. So me and him went. I had always thought that Indian food would be very spice. I also thought it would have some weird flavor and texture that i would not like. I got Chicken Tikka and some bread called Garlic Naan. All of this tasted great and not so exotic as i thought it would taste. I will be eating more Indian food.

I watched two different movies Out Sourced and Slum Dog Millionaire . They both take place in India but portray very different ways of life. Out Sourced tells the story of a manger that is moved to India to run a call center. Were he learns and adapts to the culture around him in a uplifting comical way. On the other had Slum Dog Millionaire has a much more dark and more real life pot rail of a young poor Indian boys rise to maturity. The story follows a boy from his youth growing up in the slums of India to his winning Indians version of how wants to be a Millionaire.  This story can be very dark at time when depicting the what the boy endures due ton  his circumstances. The contrast between the two shows higher and upper lower class differences. With the difference between the two being vast. The upper class have a huge amount of privileges that the lower class could never think of having. crossing the gap almost seems impassible.

I also attended the multi cultural event were multiple cultural UVU clubs shared their culture with on another and the public. There were booths set up for multiple county’s around the world such as China, Argentina and south Korea. There was even some different snack foods to try. I tried some sort of chocolate wafer that tasted great. I stayed to watch some traditional dancing. It was cool to see so many cultures represented all in one room. It was very positive and i noticed a lot of people asking questions. 

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