My Take Aways

I have learned a lot in the past semester. I will just talk about a few topics that i i feel are major thing i learned. listening  is very important when it comes to gaining an understanding about other cultures.  If you placed in a different culture and want to get started of on a good foot. Just sitting back and taking in your surrounding and asking simple questions will help you gain a quick perspective. If you simply just start acting instead of listening you may find your self looking and being out of place very quickly. 

Another important topic would be privilege. This is one problem i was never aware of. I had never thought of my self as having a better change of being successful just because of my standing in society or color of my skin.  That i have been over looking what other do not seem to have freely given them. I had thought that if you put in that work you could get just as far as any other person. But i have found out that for some it may take a lot more work then other to go the same distance. i hope this knowledge i can help brake down the stereotypes and educate other on privilege. 

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